pop!INSIDER: Remy Music Lounge featuring Ludacris

The Team behind the scenes
Luda thinking about Remy

Chaka, Sway, Alamo and guests
DJ Cassidy
Remy Ice Booth
Remy Music Lounge featuring Ludacris
Strata - NYC

As part of the Remy Music Lounge series Ludacris performed several tracks off his new album entitled" Theatre of the Mind." Per usual Remy featured several cool (literally) ice experiences including an ice booth where consumers were greeted with ice shots and an ice luge featuring the Remy Chill. Beautiful promo girls in Eskimo booties and hot dancers accented the cool room. Several notables were also in attendance such as Shawna, Frank Jugga, Teddy ted, Rich Nice, Cassidy, Sway and more.

This was a great party to be part of. Shouts go out to the entire SoHo and Remy team!

To experience your own Remy Chill (VSOP at zero degrees) either request it the next time you are out or purchase a bottle and place in in your freezer for a minimum of 6 hours. Please drink responsibly!

pop! via SoHo
*Photos by John Walder

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pop!INSIDER:GHITA Alexis Phifer Party by Honey Mag & Castries

GHITA Alexis Phifer Party by Honey Mag & Castries
I was listening to my Kanye CD and I started reminiscing on the event we participated in with Honey Magazine, Castries and the launch of Ghita by Alexis Phifer. It was such a good time.

pop!A-RAZZI: Keri Hilson at Lexus Listening Lounge

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson & Mychael Knight

Lexus Listening Lounge

Keri Hilson performs at the Lexus Listening Lounge
The Foundry at Puritan Mill

R&B Songstress Keri Hilson brought energy to the Lexus Listening Lounge in Atlanta this past weekend. She looked fab in her grey pant suit. I wonder if that is a Mychael Knight design. He still remains one of my favorites from the Project Runway series. The space design was fairly simple with cabana style netting and white lounges which allowed easy focus on the cars and star.

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