pop!A-RAZZI: President's State Dinner 2010

Obamas Host State Dinner Mexican Style!
The White House - Washington, DC

The President, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama held their second state dinner last night at the White House, welcoming Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala to a night of Mexican extravagance! The more than 200 invited guests, including diplomats, White House officials and celebrities, including the fabulous Eva Longoria-Parker, Gayle King, George Lopez graced the night with colorful and sophisticated numbers. 

At the State Dinner, the tables featured boldly striped linens in hues of blue, intended to resemble ripples of water, the White House said. Floral centerpieces featured gilded handmade woven baskets, with bouquets of fuchsia flowers, including roses, orchids and prickly pear cactus. 

The dinner menu was created by chef Rick Bayless known for winning Top Chef Masters. He is founder of Chicago's Frontera Grill and Topolobampos which had been a regular stop for Mrs. Obama when she lived in Chicago. Guests dined on jicama and fruit in a citrus vinaigrette and ceviche of Hawaiian opah, followed by Oregon beef in Oaxacan black mole with black bean tamalon and grilled green beans.Dessert was a chocolate cajeta tart with toasted homemade marshmallows, graham cracker crumble and goat cheese ice cream.

Another 100 guests were invited for dessert and entertainment on the South Lawn. A tent was resurrected and decorated with a spectacular display of Monarch Butterflies. The Monarchs migrate between Mexico and Canada, passing through the United States, and were the perfect symbol of the cross-border relationship that Calderon and Obama want to develop. Tables in the tent were decorated in varying shades of oranges and greens, with a bouquet of marzipan and chocolate flowers roses, the national flower of the United States, and dahlias, the national flower of Mexico.The fabulous Beyonce performed as well as Rodrigo y Gabriela and the U.S. Marine Band. 

images: Fabiano/EPA/Pool, Miller for News, Brendan Smialowski-Getty Images, Marvin Joseph-Washington Post

pop!A-RAZZI: Kiss in The New Year! 2010

Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera 

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon 

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton 

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Celebs Kiss in The New Year

Muah, besos and much love to all of my followers! Instead of getting all fixated on actual events (this time) I figured I'd bring a little love to all of my pop! peeps for the New Year. There's nothing like a new year to help you clean the slate and make you feel like anything is possible. It's quite invigorating... I mean after you get past the hangover you are probably feeling right now after poppin' too much Champagne, you too will feel like Leonardo on the tip of that little boat called The Titanic. Like life, it can seem a little overwhelming, but take a breathe, a step forward and lunge at greatness! I expect nothing less from you! Me, I promise to give more of myself in 2010. I want you to feel the pop! in your guts! I know, I know... one day at a time. 

Get ready kiddies... I feel like 2010 is going to be a fab year for us!!!

The Queen of pop!

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