pop!A-RAZZI: BET Awards

BET Awards

The Good, The Bad, The WTH Were You Thinking?

Best Dressed Female

It was difficult to select six as I wasn’t moved by too many of the ladies, but alas here I go… (in no particular order)

1. Amber Rose – Both Amber and Amerie wore the same simple white Alexander McQueen mini dress, but truth is Amber’s swag is on a zillion and I’m loving it.

2. Taraji P. Henson – While I loved her Kaufman Franco dress I would’ve considered another hair do. Honestly reminds me of Tony Child’s mother’s wig.

3. Megan Good – Sans her usual leggings Ms. Good came thru with a lovely blue ensemble.

4. Alicia Keys – Ms. Keys looks fab in her dress, but honestly it’s her beauty that topped this look. Her face and hair are GORG!

5. Zoe Saldana – Classic and beautiful!

6. Beyonce – She does it again…

Best Dressed Male

It was difficult to select six as I wasn’t moved by too many of the ladies, but alas here I go…(in no particular order)

1. Joe – Kept it simple and classic!

2. Ramses Jimenez – Again… simple, but looks great..

3. Trey Songz – Crept into Soulja Boy’s Room and stole his SWAG! Good Look!

4. Tyrese – The look was ok, but compared to the rest of the crowd a good look.

5. Diddy – In my babs voice “Diddy did it!”

6. N/A

Worst Dressed

It’s too easy to pick on the folks you know are a hot mess. Instead I will focus on the people who should know better. Unlike, the Best Dressed list I had to cut my list down to only six people. I swear it was like stylists were on strike yesterday.

1. Mario – I have no words….

2. Lil Mama – I honestly wonder what goes thru her mine when she is putting a look together. She could have had a decent look had it not been for that hair. Geez!!!!!

3. Estelle – Unless you are preggers no need to look like you are expecting.

4. Tyra Banks/MC Lyte – It’s like the episode of Seinfeld when he agreed to wear the puffy shirt. Not that I’m anti-puffy sleeve, I have a few myself, but not now or with the ensemble. Lyte would have been fly with the vest and pant alone. Ms. Banks is too fly for this look PERIOD!

5. Ginuwine – For a man that looks so good he just plane ole dresses bad. He looks like he’s going to Sunday sermon, not the BET Awards. I bet you it was all Sole, er I mean Tanya’s doing!

6. Claudia Jordan – You are way too cute to be rockin’ this frock

And then…

Here are a few other folks that I just had to mention.

1. Cassie – I want to like this look… I really do. If it weren’t for the all of the “’look at me” statements it would be a great look that only a few could carry off. She just tries soooo hard.

2. Tellani – Ne-Yo’s girl really should have put more thought into an outfit. SMH

3. Melody Thornton – I think Melody is a cutie, but I really don’t know what she was thinking here.