pop!REVIEW: Corinne Bailey Rae at Hiro

Giant Step Presents An Intimate Evening with Corinne Bailey Rae
Hiro Ballroom - NY, NY

Let’s go back, circa 2006, when I was haunted by a song and words that felt like my very own - frustrated and in love. That’s what “Like a Star” did for me and ever since that moment I’ve been a big fan of Ms. Rae. Unlike most, I was never one to play “Put Your Record On” and instead chose to steadily repeat the songs on her album which reminded me of the feelings of love both good and bad such as “Till it Happens to you”, “Breathless” and “Young & Foolish.”
Monday I had the opportunity to see Corinne Bailey Rae live at an intimate concert at Hiro Ballroom. While this was not my first time seeing her in action it was very much a different and wonderful experience. Corinne’s performance felt like I was prying into a window, sneaking a peak into her private room where she was singing her most intimate thoughts and feelings. She sings with her eyes closed as if she herself were imagining herself perform. She then, every so often, makes flirtatious eye contact with you as to say “I see you looking at me.” For a moment you feel as if you’ve just been caught, but she smiles gently as to say “it’s ok.”  I think I’m blushing and crushing all over again.
She and her band treated us to a live performance of her entire new album “The Sea” and a few of her oldies, but goodies. The album, thankfully, is a bit more mature and bit grittier. Considering her sound is sweet and whimsical, you know the type you would skip to, it would not be a huge jump for the 1st time listener, but for me a very good sophomore return. You can tell that she has grown and with the tragic death of her husband, much of the content is inspired by him. The show was being filmed for the public television series “Live From the Artists Den,” and due to technical difficulties they needed to rerecord “Paris Nights/New York Mornings” – can I say encore? Nonetheless, it was a wonderful night filled with my BF and the sweet Corinne Bailey Rae. A wonderful night indeed! For those like me who want the album LIKE NOW – sorry we have to wait until February 10, 2010 when the album is due to be released in the US. That is unless you get yourself a UK version which is set to be available on February 1st.
A big thanks to Giant Step for getting us access for the evening!

"Paper Dolls" The song that I am sure will get Fallon obsessed with the idea of getting a tambourine! lol

CBR performing "Love is on it's Way"
Photos: Joseph Bayot
Videos: sparkles61785 & DanceMrD via youtube


Fallon said...

Thank you so much Yaz for inviting me along for the ride! I had an amazing time!!! 2/10/10 can't come fast enough. Now we just have to find out where we can get a tambourine and maybe we can join her on tour ;) lol