pop!A-RAZZI: DJ Cassidy’s 28th

Nas & DJ Cassidy
Cassidy's Cake
Performance by Bobby Brown
Crowd Shot
DJ Cassidy gets down!
Melody Thorton, Khloe Kardashian, Adrienne BailonRakim works the mic!
The Retro Kids perform

One, Two a One Two
DJ Cassidy, dj to the stars, celebrated his 28th birthday in NYC last night with a ton of celeb friends at the New York Public Library. Talk about a fab and unexpected location! Geez!

Being that be hobb nobbs it up with every celebrity and is the DJ to get for any major bashment it’s only right that he have a party to represent. The event was sponsored by Belevedere Vodka and Sprite Green. The room was filled with musicians, DJs, models, TV stars and industry execs including Nas, Khloe Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon, BJ Coleman, Little X, Lyor Cohen, Jaslene Gonzales, Kevin Liles and more. And who does a DJ get to perform at his party you ask? Well Funk Master Flex of course! Guests were also treated to performances by Bobby Brown, O’Neal McKnight, Rakim and the Retro Kids???? An interesting poo-poo platter of artists indeed! Señor Cassidy fails not on entertaining!